Reminder for those who don’t know, if you have a vagina, make sure to urinate immediately after you have P-in-V sex.  Bacteria can get in your urethra during P-in-V intercourse so as soon as you are done having sex, go to the bathroom go pee, even if it doesn’t feel like you need to, because even a little pee can flush out the bacteria and prevent a UTI.  I didn’t know about this and I got a UTI from my first time, and it was super awful and uncomfortable and unfortunately even those with good sex education rarely learn info like this.  I want everyone with a vagina to know how to prevent it because UTIs suck hard.  That is all.



its weird that guys get so touchy when you accuse them of sexism like “im not sexist wtf????” when they should really be worried about “ive been acting sexist wtf????” like dude youre not the victim of an accusation the accusation is the result of your behavior

literally every person born into a position to oppress has behaved like this and its gross

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straight people burned queer people at the stake for centuries im pretty sure u can handle a few angry text posts every once and a while

a fun game for xkit users is to use the reblog viewer and see that almost anybody who’s commented on this is a straight person getting upset



When my sister was in the Marines some little shit told her to make him a sandwich so she went to his boss and they used money from the asshole’s next paycheck to order subs for the entire squadron

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Okay so I still have a few more Skyrim pendants (I had bought them for something but never got rid of them) SO if you reblog this (likes work too but I prefer reblogs for obvious reasons) then I’ll pick a couple people at random and send one to you. Cool.


NOOO the cartoon network justin.tv stream got shut down. shit. i mean i can watch it on tv but i always try to reblog for people who cant. does anyone know another livestream for Steven Universe?

aw, shit. that was a nice stream, too. I don’t have cartoon network OTL