as long as you have proof of name change you can claim it super easy

!!! I hope so! I still have the name change certificate, of course u vu

hi there i'm sorry to bother you but i want to explain to my friend why homestuck is bad and i want to explain to them why it is and i just want to make sure i'm not missing anything so could you please list things that are bad about it and a little explanation as to why, if it doesn't bother you, thank you so much and sorry for the bother




this will probably be the last homestuck-related thing i answer because really just talking about it makes me uncomfortable but yea homestuck has a lot of shitty offensive jokes and stereotypes. theres a lot of ableist jabs (tavros and mituna, and how the other characters treat them) some transphobic shit that the fandom eats up (march eridan) and racism (the notorious “caucasion joke” when jane went trickster and when people got upset, hussie changed it but was a huge dick about it lol. also “aracial, but definitely not black”).

not to mention all the characters that are personifications of really offensive stuff (kankri is supposed to be a “terrible sjw”, cronus is just disgusting all around with his sexual advances and ableism, also sort of makes fun of the otherkin community and damara is a racist stereotype)

hussie himself is just a shithead. you can read up on shit he’s done here (this includes homestuck and his other projects)


OMG homestuck is not supposed to be taken seriously. If you don’t like it because it doesn’t interest you, that’s cool. I’m okay with that and I’ll respect your opinion. But if you think everyone who reads Homestuck and likes it should go to hell and no one should read Homestuck ever because YOU think it’s offensive, that kind of is rather unfair and dictative of you. It’s not my fault I think is entertaining.

okay 1) i’ve already said multiple times that i don’t care if you like homestuck, i just don’t want to discuss it
2) i’m not the only one who thinks it’s offensive. there are entire blogs dedicated to calling out homestuck’s bullshit
3) i don’t care all that much so go away

yeah it’s okay to like problematic things so long as you can acknowledge and recognise that they’re problematic, but. I won’t be reading Homestuck any time soon.

oh mannnn i really want to do the crush prompt for sid (not that i have any ideas) but tablet

Would you like it in the vag or ass when I rape you?






At least now that I disabled Anonymous asks, your own face is attached to your pitiful hatemail.


And if you recognize this ugly mug, shoot me a name!


ETA: He’s been tracked down.


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Who wants to get in touch with this guy’s parents?

As a part of my personal arsenal of safety tools, I will always call out people who make rape threats, because they are not safe to be left without being called out. We see you, Brandon Bayard. You can’t hide behind plausible deniability or anonymity.

Look, everyone! This is what a human shitstain looks like!

lies on the floor

tablet why

s ighs yeah my. tablet is dead. i have to hold it in increasingly awkward positions for it to work for like thirty seconds. i dunno what i’m gonna do.

come to think of it. my only real hope for ever being able to afford chest surgery is if my asshole grandpa leaves me money in his will when he (finally) kicks it. but he doesn’t know I legally changed my name?? so it would probably be left to my birthname anyway. :|