dudes sexualising 14 yr old anime girls grosses me out so bad

wow okay so I’m trying to replay OFF, but for some reason it keeps freezing? and I have to click the window again to make it unfreeze. it seems like it thinks that the game is being tabbed out of, but I’m not clicking anywhere outside of the window. what could be causing this? :\

being dfab is not a "privilege" holy shit


ya it is
i have prvilage ovr dmab trans and nonbinary folk . 

Yeah, I have to agree. DMAB trans people suffer so much more prejudice than DFAB folks. And it’s a lot easier for trans DFAB people to ‘pass’, with or without the aid of hormones - whereas for DMAB folks it takes tons of surgeries and vocal training and makeup knowledge to pass for society’s ridiculous standards. And if they don’t pass well enough, odds are you’re going to be mocked and harassed for the rest of your life. :(

Physical traits that are seen by society as ‘masculine’ are not easy to ignore or to change.


im mad tho because i cleaned all day and apparently it wasnt enough for my dad so i have to clean more tomorrow . like. i cant help it i get easily distracted and lose motivation quickly . what u want from me

I know that feeling intensely……